As of 1/1/2024, new pricing will be in effect. Prices in any previous catalogs will no longer be correct.

Changes to our logo policy are listed below:

Any logos other than FS, GROWMARK FS, Member Co, Growmark Corporate E, FS Energy, FS Propane and FS Agronomy will be an additional $5 per logo.

More than one logo on a garment will be an additional $10 per logo. Logos for apparel supplied by customer will be $12.

Due to ongoing problems with supply chains, we will be cancelling all backorders after we are unable to obtain them in 30 days. Substitutions of a comparable item at a similar price will be made whenever possible. We realize this is inconvenient, but it needs to be done. Suppliers are telling us they believe it will be at least another year and a half before things are back to “normal”. We will communicate availability problems as we encounter them. Also, please remember that “N/A” on a packing slip means“Not Available”. Thank you!